All at £6.95

               BELGIAN CHOCOLATE FONDANT (15 mins cooking)

Gooey melting Chocolate centre & Vanilla ice cream



       Butterscotch sauce and Homemade Hokey pokey ice cream  



Vanilla ice cream, Espresso, shot of Amaretto, Chocolates


                                                             “SECRET GARDEN”  LEMON POSSET

Pistachio lawn, chocolate soil, Crisp meringue mushroom, celery grass



Baked golden with homemade Cinnamon ice Cream



Kirsch cherries & Chocolate ganache


YORKSHIRE CHEESEBOARD (see reverse for our local cheeses)

Really special..  Little known Yorkshire cheeses, homemade crackers, chutney

          & Homemade Fruit cake     9.95


           WINTER COCKTAILS…….

                 Espresso Martini..    Porn Star Martini..   Tickled Pink…        all at 9.95



Cappucino, Latte, Mocha, Liqueur coffee,   Herbal teas & builders tea



Championing small, independent, cheese-making farmers


Each cheese is carefully selected direct from each individual farm, and only if the cheese is superior in quality and taste.  The Courtyard Dairy makes no compromises on providing a carefully-chosen range of perfect, unusual and exquisite cheeses.

For the best depth of flavour, the cheeses are still made by hand on the farm, with most farmers using their own high-quality unpasteurised milk from a single herd of animals.  Many of these farmers have less than 70 cows (the smallest, just twelve!).  They are among the finest cheeses to be found anywhere in the world. 

Proper farmhouse Yorkshire cheese!



Hebden Goat. Unpasteurised goats’ milk
Hebden Goat cheese is made on the farm by Gillian Clough with milk from her ten (yes just ten!) goats. The cheese is slowly set before being moulded and aged for three weeks. The wrinkly rind breaks down to a smooth paste with rich goaty and grassy flavours.

Richard III Wensleydale. Pasteurised cows’ milk, vegetarian
An ancient Wensleydale recipe that produces a moister, less-crumbly, acidic cheese. Sold by The Courtyard Dairy in the traditional manner at one month old, Richard III Wensleydale is clean and light, with a gentle, milky and lemony flavour.  Made at Sandhams, matured in Yorkshire.

Dale End Cheddar. Unpasteurised cows’ milk, organic, vegetarian
Traditional clothbound Cheddar made in Yorkshire. Alastair Pearson of Botton Creamery selects specific batches for The Courtyard Dairy that are then further aged – up to 18-months – by which time the Dale End Cheddar has a distinctive, tangy bite and rich, long-lasting flavour.

Leeds Blue. Pasteurised sheep’s milk.
Mario Olianas moved to Yorkshire from Italy in 2001. Hailing from a budding family of Italian gourmets and cheese-makers, Mario uses sheep’s milk from Harrogate to create this smooth, rich and creamy Leeds Blue.

Yorkshire Pecorino fresco

Brought in up Sardinia, Mario Olianas comes from a strong family of Italian gastronomes.

He uses fresh sheep’s milk which he collects daily from just outside Harrogate, and cultures imported from Italy.

Mario’s Yorkshire Pecorino is based on the fresco, young version.  Soft and yielding in texture it has a thin undulating rind and is aged for 30 days.


A little serving of each with homemade biscuits, chutney & homemade Christmas cake